The Process

  • Project Proposal

    After initial meeting, a proposal of services will be provided to the client – outlining the budget, scope of work and timeframe.

  • Project Plan

    The project plan will clarify team and client deadlines and dates of completion. It also will give dates by which the client will need to provide content and files necessary for the website or marketing collateral.

  • Information Architecture

    Information Architecture is the backbone of every website and printed marketing piece. It lays out everything that needs to be completed in a website for optimum usability, search engine optimization (SEO), web marketing, and reaching business goals of the client.

    Included in the Information Architecture:

    • Competitive Analysis – Assessment of strengths and weaknesses of current & potential competitors.
    • Content Inventory – Process of clicking through your website and recording what you find. You have to know what you are now offering and decide whether each piece of it is still needed.
    • Personas – Represents the different user types within a targeted demographic that might use the website and/or the product/service.
    • Sitemap – A representation of the architecture of a website.
    • Wireframes – A basic visual guide used in web design to suggest the layout of fundamental elements in the interface.
    • Visual Comprehensive Layout and Concept Notes – A proposed design presented by the designer to a client, showing the relative positions of text and illustrations
  • Content Development

    1. The content development is when the specifics of the site will be written and decided:
      • Text and Data
      • Graphics and Illustrations
      • Photographs
      • Sound, Animation, Video, Multimedia
  • Programming Design and Coding

    During this phase, the working website will be written in the appropriate programming language based on the Visual Comprehensive Layout.

  • Testing/ Quality Assurance Checklist

    After the website is coded, it will be tested across mainstream web browsers on PC and Mac operating systems. Links, spelling, language and punctuation will be checked, as well as any other specifications needed.

    A Q.A. Checklist will be completed to document that all errors have been accounted for and addressed.

  • Launch and Turnover

    Once the site has been completed and tested, it can then be launched on the live domain.